Rates ~ 2017


Hourly pricing is based on the zone map above (click to see larger version)

Pre-paid blocks are non-zone based

In-Shop $100.00/hr
Zone 1 $105.00/hr
Zone 2 $125.00/hr
5 & 10 hr prepaid $95.00/hr


Computer Service for Western Colorado

louie Broken computer? Slow Computer? Computers not talking to each other? Or are you having problems communicating with your customers? Well you've come to the right place! My name is Louie and I've been doing computer intervention and web design in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys since 1996. Whatever your need, if it has a keyboard I can tell you what's wrong with it and, in most cases, fix it.

So give me a call. If it's a simple problem and I can walk you through fixing it on the phone I will - free of charge if it takes less than 10 minutes. If it can be fixed using my remote support tool, my In-Shop rate of $100.00 will apply. For on-site and ongoing service see the rate schedule to the left. If your needs are larger - like whole office support, I have custom support plans offering a great monthly rate - just email or call and I will assess your needs and come up with a custom plan tailored to your or your business' needs.

Call 970.948.7992 today

or email louie@louiethecomputerguy.com